Social Media Management - 3 Channels


Social Media Management - 3 Channels


Our social media management packages are your secret weapon to mastering social platforms and boosting awareness for your business. From strategy to content calendars and caption writing, these packages work to grow your brand, build relationships and drive website traffic.  

We start with a strong strategy, comparing competitors and looking at how to improve your current performance. From there, our social media experts get to work on writing engaging captions and matching these to carefully curated images, videos and article links that we recommend you share. 

Ongoing optimization is ensured through our daily community management of your channels and monthly analytics reports. We put in the work to successfully grow your social media presence, so you can focus on running
your business.  


Social Media Strategy:
A solid strategy is your bread and butter when it comes to mastering social media. We will provide you with a topline strategy that includes a mini audit of your current social content on both channels, identifying areas to develop and improve. On top of that, we will look into your target audience and your competitors, in order to expertly create a plan of action to make you stand out from the crowd.

The strategy comes with recommendations for social posting, as well as Week One of your content calendars, so you can see exactly what we plan to build with you.

Monthly Content Calendar:
A social media content calendar is essential for planning and putting together killer content month after month. Our calendars are built with your social strategy in mind, as we curate images, videos, article links, GIFs and more to develop a foundation for your social channels to really thrive.

We provide one full month of content ahead of the month’s start to give you a chance to review. Your first month’s calendar for each channel will also come with 4 original images designed by our Content Creator.

Caption writing (up to 60 posts):
A well-written caption is key for content posting and delivering your brand message, which is why we craft up to 20 captions per social channel for you in each monthly content calendar.

These captions are written with your business objectives, target audience and tone of voice in mind, ensuring that the message sounds like it is coming directly from you.

Daily Community Management:
Community engagement is a lot more important thaN you might think. This is the everyday interaction with your audience that really builds a strong relationship. It encourages followers to interact with your page, click on links, leave comments and get involved with your campaigns.

It is essential to not only share content on social media but to also be active on it as well, which is why we have a dedicated Community Manager for your business that will spend up to 30 minutes every day checking in on your social media audience, liking photos, commenting and creating conversation. This activity is a proven way to grow your channel further.

Full Content Scheduling & Daily Posting:
Once the content calendar is approved, we will make sure that the whole month is scheduled and posted accordingly, leaving you with a good-to-go bank of content that you don’t need to think twice about!

Monthly Performance Report:
At the end of each month, a performance report will be created to assess how well the content was received, areas we can improve and recommendations for the month ahead. These reports are essential for tracking progress, growth and audience behaviour.

The reports also ensures we are optimizing your channels consistently and that each piece of content we share is aligned with your initial strategy. We will also include recommendations for optimization as necessary.

Benefits / Deliverables
  • 3 Social media channels
  • Social media strategy - including channel audit, identifying your target audience and competitor analysis
  • Monthly content calendar: curating images, videos and articles
  • Caption writing (up to 60 posts)
  • Daily community engagement
  • Full content scheduling & daily posting
  • Monthly performance report including recommendations for optimization
Social Media Management - 3 Channels