Social Media Advertising - Traffic Driver


Social Media Advertising - Traffic Driver

Social media advertising has fast become one of the most effective ways to market your business and reach your audience online. With our packages, we can guarantee to connect your products and services to the people who need them. 

MarketTap advertising experts work with you to understand your objectives, grow brand awareness and drive new business leads by creating ads which are optimized and impactful. Our packages take you through the entire process of ad creation, audience segmentation, budget building, testing and bidding recommendations. Watch your results skyrocket.   

The Traffic Driver

The Traffic Driver is excellent for small businesses and e-commerce companies who are looking to reach thousands of new people, drive website traffic, and increase brand awareness in a short timeframe.  

This package would work well for new businesses that are starting to build a following on social media and want to get social ads in front of more people.   


Mini Social Media Audit:

We believe in getting a good feel for your social channels and your current performance before making our recommendations, which is why we begin by conducting a mini audit of your social media activity and business pages.  

We will provide insight on your best performing content, your audience behavior and topline competitor analysis.  


Social Advertising Recommendations:

Following our mini audit, we will identify your main business objectives and provide recommendations for advertising. The recommendations will take into account your budget, as well as your target audience and timeframe.  

A month by month timeline will be provided in order to break down exactly how we believe your business can most benefit from advertising over the course of 3-6 months. 


Facebook Pixel Installation:

As part of our recommendations, we may suggest the installation of a Facebook Pixel. If this is relevant for your business objectives, we can set up the Pixel and begin to track metrics that matter, including whether those who clicked the link converted into customers. We focus on the kind of ROI results that you need for your business to truly succeed and the Facebook Pixel can be integral to this. 


Design Ad Options:

This is where the left-brain takes over from the right-brain. After assessing your social media channels and making our recommendations, we get to work on mocking up a number of options for how your ad will appear.  

We look at your tone of voice, current brand imagery and your goals to provide a selection of ads (often up to 4 options) that you can choose from.  


Run Tests on Creative, Copy & Calls-to-Action:

After we have put together the perfect combination of ad options, we determine which element would be best to test. Depending on the client, industry and ad type, we will run A/B tests on the imagery, the copy and calls-to-action. 


Daily Monitoring & Optimization:

Once enough data has been acquired to provide us with some tangible insights, we begin the process of optimizing your ads. For example: Is your ad receiving hundreds of clicks but not converting? Then maybe we need to narrow your targeting! 

We want to ensure you get the best results possible so monitoring and optimization is a key part of the process. 


Monthly Reporting:

At the end of each month we provide results and commentary on your campaign’s performance. We don’t fill these reports with a lot of industry jargon. Instead, we make it easy to understand exactly what is going on.  

*Ad spend is a separate cost paid in actuals directly onto your credit card linked to your ad account.

Benefits / Deliverables
  • Mini social media audit  
  • Social advertising recommendations 
  • Facebook pixel installation (if needed) 
  • Design ad options including ad
    copywriting and creative 
  • Run tests on creative, copy & call-to-actions 
  • Optimize campaign based on test results 
  • Daily monitoring + ongoing optimization 
  • Monthly report  
Social Media Advertising - Traffic Driver