SEO can help your business grow by focusing on three key areas:

Higher Search Engine Rankings
Our search engine optimization service is both ethical and result-driven. We use the latest tools, strategies, and trends to help you move up in search engines for the right keywords to get your business noticed by the right audience with our recommendations.

Quality Website Traffic
Higher search rankings for the right keywords can have a huge impact on the amount of traffic and quality of traffic that your website receives. When relevant searches for your business are made, our goal is for your company’s website to organically rank on the first page. While SEO success doesn’t happen overnight, implementing the recommendations we make will help impact your SEO organically, helping you to rank higher for keywords relevant to your business.

Measurable Results
Showing you the results of your SEO campaign comes without question. We provide monthly SEO reports that break down your Google Analytics data, so we can see how traffic to your site increases when you implement our recommendations, as well as what pages are the most popular on your site.

*Website structure updates may require support from your website developer.


1 – Assign an experienced digital team to your account

A typical digital team includes an Account Manager to keep your projects on track and a Digital Specialist who will help you towards ranking on search engines. This team will learn your business and develop your personalized SEO recommendations.

2 – Business Evaluation & Site Analysis

We'll become familiar with your business, your target audience, and your goals. Then we analyze the current site’s and competitor site’s: content, mapping, and keyword density to discover site weaknesses & strengths.

3 – Setup

This is where we set up your Google Analytics account so we don’t miss an inch of your optimization success. Already got your Google Analytics set up? Awesome! We’ll dig into your historical data to do some research that can help us create more recommendations based on past website traffic, looking specifically into where users are landing on your site and what their subsequent steps are.

4 – Strategy & Goal Development

Your assigned team will develop a customized plan to take your current site and enhance it into a site that begins to organically rank above your competition and higher for the keywords your target audience uses the most.

5 – Optimization Recommendation

The exciting part! Towards the end of month 1, we will present our findings and recommendations of on-site and on-page optimization strategies that consist of content optimization, site structure changes, keyword usage and more. We will outline the plan for the upcoming months, breaking down exactly what work we will do to help your site rank higher for SEO.

6 – Reporting and Communication

Your specialist will prepare a monthly report for you moving forward to review, including that month’s recommendations and the previous months Google Analytics data. We encourage monthly calls with your team to review this report and potentially your website developer to review both the website requirements and performance.

Benefits / Deliverables
  • SEO review of your current site
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Keyword research
  • Title tag and meta description recommendations
  • Website copy refinements
  • Website optimization recommendations
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