Our platform is changing the way businesses manage their marketing.

How it works

With MarketTap, you are able to shop services, chat with us live, track the progress of your projects and more… all within one platform! It’s as easy and convenient as shopping online.

1. Shop Services

Browse our range of pay-as-you-go marketing services.

2. Book Services

Add to cart and checkout within our platform.

3. Add Details

Answer some initial kick off questions and your project begins!

4. Review & Approve

Finished projects are uploaded for your review and approval

5.See Results

Our process for delivering results

While each individual project is different, here are the typical stages of our project delivery:

1. Your Input
As soon as you check out, you will be presented with initial kick off questions. Once these are answered, your project officially starts!
2. Assign Team
Within 24 hours, MarketTap experts are assigned to you. Your Success Manager will reach out to schedule an initial call.
3. Creation
Our experts get to work on your project!
4. Internal Review
All projects go through several internal quality reviews and revisions to ensure they are up to MarketTap standards.
5. Project Upload
Your project is completed! You will be notified through the platform as soon as any completed work is uploaded.
6. Your Review
Your Success Manager will reach out to schedule a call to review the project together and answer any questions.
7. Implementation
For services like social media advertising and SEO, we implement the recommendations we created for you.
8. Measure & Report
For services like social media advertising and SEO, we will present relevant and ongoing metrics reports to measure the success of your project.