35 Blog Post Ideas for your Small Business Blog

We all get stuck trying to think of new and exciting blog post ideas, so here are 35 engaging blog posts you can use for your small business blog to keep your content interesting!

  1. Share Some of Your Early Mistakes Everyone makes some big mistakes when they first start out. Let your customers know they aren’t alone by telling them some things you learned at the very beginning.
  2. Blog About Current Job Openings If you have a job opening, let your loyal followers know first with a blog post announcing the open position.
  3. Share What Inspires Your Business Compile a list of blogs, books or podcasts that you enjoy and help inspire you to keep going.
  4. Inspire Followers with Your Story Share your business’s story with followers to help them connect with you.
  5. Take Part in Contests or Giveaways Contests and giveaways are an exciting way for customers to engage with you online – and potentially spread the word about your services at the same time.
  6. Share Your Business’s Most Popular Blogs Put together a blog that features your most popular and engaging blogs. This helps new customers find all your excellent information at once.
  7. Introduce Polls into Your Blogging Most social media sites have a poll feature, and this is an easy way to ask for engagement. It is quicker and easier than a comment, but more informative (for you) than a like.
  8. Tell Customers Your Favorite Local Charities or Businesses Are there other businesses or charities in your area that inspire you? Showcase them in a blog.
  9. Share a List of Resources that Helped You Everyone needs help sometimes – if you’ve got a list of resources that help you, share those tips with followers.
  10. Tell Followers Your Business Goals Every business must reevaluate goals from time to time. Tell your customers what you hope to achieve so they can help you, offer feedback or show support.
  11. Explore How Infographics Help You Create infographics or choose a great existing one to help you explain a difficult topic.
  12. Invite Someone Else to Write for You Guest posts are always an exciting way to switch up your content creation. If your guest writer is also pretty prominent in the business scene, the added promotion of your post from their side will also help you to reach an entirely new audience too.
  13. Let Customers in on Your Biggest Lessons Learned Whether you learned through a mistake or a surprise achievement, tell your customers what you learned from your experience.
  14. Show What a “Day in the Life” is Like Whether you have a steady day-to-day or your daily routine is different every week, share that with followers. This lets them know that running a business doesn’t always have to follow a strict schedule!
  15. Share a Tutorial on Using Products Like a great “How To…” post, a tutorial is always a great way to engage customers. This is also a good opportunity to experiment with video content or additional imagery.
  16. Provide Updates on Company Business If you told customers what you upcoming goals were, keep them updated on that progress.
  17. Compare Your Products to Competitors You can compare your best selling products with competitors and highlight to new customers why yours is the best.
  18. Dismiss Myths in Your Industry Everyone loves a great “myth buster” post, so if there are misunderstandings about your industry, tell followers.
  19. Explore Your Company’s “Why Us” “Why us” tells potential customers why they should choose you over a competitor, so find a great reason and get excited about it.
  20. Post Photos from Company Events Let your customers feel like insiders by showing how much fun you and your staff have together. This not only makes you more relatable, it also shows that your company has a great deal of personality.
  21. Tell Followers About Your History Your story is one of the most important parts of your business’s message – be loud and proud about it.

  22. Share an Awesome Success Story Show your customers that you can walk the walk and talk the talk with great reviews, case studies and testimonials from customers.
  23. Best Tools for Your Industry Do you have some favorite tools or apps that help you do business? Share them with your followers and let them know what makes your success look so easy.
  24. Round Up Frequently Asked Questions You might already have a FAQ on your website, but take the time to figure out what customers are asking this month. Round up those questions for an informative blog post.
  25. Offer Downloads for Lead Generation Offer free downloads of a template or eBook at the end of a blog post. These are easy ways to generate leads for your business because many people are happy to give out their emails for something in return.
  26. Explore a Product With either a new product or an old favorite, write a blog post about what makes it worth a potential customer’s money. Use this blog post idea to turn their web visit into a conversion.
  27. Share List of Your Influencers Do you have your own list of industry favorites? Tell your customers so that they can learn about where you get your ideas and feel more connected to you.
  28. Share Secrets with a “How To…” Post Show your customers just how exactly they can do the amazing things you do too! Never underestimate the value of a good “How To…” blog post. Simple and effective!
  29. Showcase Your Stars Give your most valuable employees their time to shine on your website. Show off your behind the scenes talent with a blog post dedicated to the employees who make your business as great as it is.
  30. Highlight Your Loyal Customers If you have some amazing customers who always check in with you and support your newest products, give them some love by highlighting them in an interview.
  31. Take Customers Behind the Scenes Everyone wants to be in the room where it happens – and with a behind the scenes blog post, you can let your followers do just that.
  32. Share Your Experience at an Industry Event If you recently attended an exciting industry-exclusive event, tell your customers about the engaging information you learned. Don’t skip the fun, tiny details either. Include details like what you snacked on and whether you saw any other well-known industry experts. Readers love to feel like they were in the room with you!
  33. Spread the Blogging Love Put together posts from other related blogs that you find helpful or fascinating. Make sure to link to the other articles and give them a shout out on social media. Hopefully, they will do the same for you too.
  34. Lead Customers to Your Social Media It never hurts to cross-promote your marketing efforts, so direct your customers to some of your best social media posts.
  35. Give Customers an Update on Progress Just like with a behind the scenes post, let your customers see what your process is; from having an idea to making a sale.

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